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For the organised cook that likes their spice drawer to look as perfectly organised as they are...

Includes 1 x Cassia Essential Spice Kit, RRP $99.99- The Cassia at Home Essential Spice Kit is created by chef Sid Sahrawat of the award winning restaurant, Cassia, in Auckland.  

Kit contains - 16 x 100 g sized jars of spices and blends and chef Sid's guide to spices presented in an elegant gift box.
Bay leaves, Cassia Bark, Cardamom (green), Cloves, Cumin, Coriander seeds, Mustard seeds, Dried Fenugreek leaves, Fennel seeds, Ground Kashmiri Chilli, Ground Coriander, Ground Cumin, Ground Turmeric. Cassia spice blends- Chat masala, Garam masala and Tandoori masala.

Includes 1 x Cassia at Home 3 Jar pack - Mixed pack RRP $49

All 3 of our signature sauces; Korma Sauce, Makhani Sauce and Karahi Sauce.  Try the whole range we have to offer and spice up your dinners. The pack contains one jar of each type of sauce.

Easy to use, simply open the jar, cook your favourite protein and then add the sauce to warm it up. Loosen the sauce (if desired) using coconut milk, water or cream if you wish to change the consistency.

Contains nuts, Gluten Free, Dairy Free. Each jar is 500g and serves 4 people.

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