Signature scents- 3 pack

Cassia at Home



All three of our bespoke candles. Gift them all to someone special or keep them for yourself.  

Cassia Candle- Agni

Agni exists on three levels, on eartth as fire, in the atmosphere as light and in the sky as the Sun. Agni is vital to all life. Our signature fragrance Agni includes orange, mandarin, ginger, cinnamon leaf and vanilla. May Agni bring light and warmth to your home.

Sid at The French Cafe Candle - Le Trésor

Treasure Nature. Treasure each moment. Savour the scents of French Pear, cardamom, vanilla and honey. Treasure the memories you create with our bespoke Sid at The French Café candle in your own home.

Sidart Candle – One. 

The first expression. Always evolving. Enjoy notes of sandalwood, white cedar, grapefruit and luxurious cashmere as they come tto create Sidart’s first signature scent; One.

Sidart at home in your home.

Each candle is hand made and hand poured by Asylum candles in NZ. Made of 100 percent soy wax. Each candle is 250g and has a burn time of 40 hours.

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