Cassia Take Home menu

Our take home menu allows you to order and pick up selected dishes to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. All dishes are heat and eat.

Our Dine -In Menus

Our A La Carte Menu


Pani puri, potato, chickpea, mint    3ea

Wagyu Beef laal maas croquette         5ea

Spicy lamb kulcha, mustard, coconut   15.00

Crayfish and beetroot cone, kasundi, lime   7ea

Smoked potato & paneer kulcha, coriander chutney  14.00 

Te Matuku oyster pakora      7ea                                       

Small Dishes

Roasted carrot, vindaloo cream, macadamia, coconut  22.00 

Spiced paneer, oyster mushroom, spinach, almond 22.00

Eggplant, smoked yoghurt , chickpea 22.00

Beef short rib, green chilli, black garlic 28.00 

Goan lamb chops, spice creme fraiche  30.00 

Tandoori Fish, sesame, daikon, leek  28.00

Scallop, cucumber, elderflower, cultured cream 29.00

To Share

Smoked mushrooms, fenugreek, truffle    35.00   

Roasted cauliflower, almond korma, ginger  35.00   

Karahi Chicken, bhut jolokia, radish   37.00

Our signature lamb kebab   37.00

Slow cooked pork belly, prawn balchao, apple  38.00

Malabar style fish, curry leaf, coconut  39.00

Delhi duck, makhani sauce, lychee, kumara    40.00


Garlic Naan      7.00

Spiced Cucumber & Fennel salad   10.00

Vegetable bhaji, curry leaf    10.00

Seasonal greens, sesame, peanuts 12.00

 To Finish 

  Chocolate, cherry, hazelnut  20

  Buffalo milk parfait, white chocolate, yuzu 20

  Yuzu, honey, cardamom   20

  NZ cheese selection 28


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